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Plant a Winter Garden

It’s not too late to plant a garden for fresh vegetables and greater food variety this winter. Consider finding a space to plant in (can even be a pot on a porch) and vegetable starts to plant for fresh greens and spices. Broccoli, kale, cabbage, swiss chard, brussel sprouts, cauliflower are part of the brassica …

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Doctor-Approved Zucchini Bread

Summer squash season is in full swing. Here’s a delicious way to use some of those zucchini. I found the recipe here and modified it so more squash gets used and less sugar is needed. I’ve made the below recipe a handful of times now, always to positive feedback, and wanted to share. Doctor-Approved Zucchini Bread 1/3 …

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Which Oils To Cook With?

Cooking with oil brings flavor to food along with fat to keep us feeling full longer and act as precursors to hormones. The type of oil used to sauté vegetables or meats matters since oils have different smoke points. Smoke point is the temperature at which oil turns to smoke. Each oil has a different …

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Staying Healthy in Hazardous Air Quality

It’s fire season and poor air quality is here. Below are resources to help you stay healthy amidst the smoke and ash, which contain small particles of various toxins: Before exercising outside or spending significant amounts of time outside, check the current air quality using AirCare app or Avoid doing the above if the …

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Why Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

What Omega-3s are essential fatty acids, meaning the body needs them but can’t make them on its own. Adequate omega-3 intake is required for maintaining brain and nervous system health, improving mood and concentration, preventing and reversing inflammation, decreasing cardiovascular events, and reducing food cravings. Why Fish oil is helpful for many conditions, including autoimmune …

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Balancing Hormones with Seeds

Seed cycling can be a gentle, tasty, and effective tool in balancing hormones. What: Seed cycling is the rotation of two seeds, pumpkin and sunflower (or sesame), throughout the month. It is easy and inexpensive, giving biphasic support to balance hormones. Pumpkin seeds are high in vitamins and minerals that support the estrogen-dominant follicular phase. …

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Part 2: Optimizing Hormone Health

Last month we reviewed common hormones found in the body. Now let’s explore how to best support these hormones. First, the liver is the organ responsible for processing and recycling hormones. Our livers can become inundated with contaminants from our environment (such as plastics, fragrances, air pollution) and from what we put into our bodies …

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Hormones 101

Our endocrine system regulates hormone production and usage and is closely tied to both our immune system and our nervous system. All three systems work together to maintain balance and influence behavior in the face of our ever-changing internal and external environments. The 3 basic hormone categories (with a sampling of different hormones): Peptides (the …

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