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Davis Naturopathic Medicine

Expert natural medicine for
gastrointestinal & hormonal disorders

Katie Fromuth, ND

Dr. Kathleen Fromuth (née Coleman) is a licensed naturopathic doctor (ND) with expertise in gastroenterology and endocrinology. She is trained as a primary care physician and is a graduate of National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Prior to medical school, Dr. Fromuth studied animal science and management at the University of California, Davis.

Information + Expert Guidance = Transformation

Welcome to Davis Naturopathic Medicine. We provide the guidance you’ve been looking for to reshape your health and life.

Our passion is helping people of all ages struggling with pain, discomfort, and embarrassment to regain their confidence and health again. This is transformative healthcare.

How Can Naturopathic Medicine Help You?

Naturopathic Doctors understand how the body heals. NDs look at the whole internal environment of a person as well as their external environment. Together patient and doctor work together to bring those environments into alignment.

Dr. Fromuth is a health expert, not a disease manager. She will help you figure out how to create health for yourself. Her expertise is in seeing patients of all ages with gastrointestinal and hormone conditions.

Davis Naturopathic Medicine offers the following treatment modalities and more:

Lifestyle & Clinical Nutrition

Each patient we work with receives an individualized dietary evaluation. We also offer guidance in environmental medicine.

Botanical Medicine

Packed with nutrition and medicine, plants in dried form or tincture extract, provide powerful healing.


Safe, gentle, and effective, homeopathy often resolves symptoms nothing else has helped.

What our Patients are Saying

“Thank you so much. This has been the best experience I’ve ever had with a doctor.” -SK

“Dear Dr. Katie Coleman, ND. Thank you very much for your excellent recommendations for the care of my osteo-arthritic knee. The supplements and treatments you suggested have helped immensely to reduce the pain and inflammation that was disturbing my sleep every night and made walking, during the day, unpleasant. As you know, I was seriously considering knee replacement surgery – I think now I will be able to carry-on without surgery, at least for a few more years. Thank you again. Sincerely, LDA”

Rachael Orellana
Rachael Orellana
My digestive issues have dramatically improved after working with Dr Fromuth. This journey has been terrifying, and thanks to Dr Fromuth, also empowering. I decided I was ready to tackle ongoing digestive issues. I worked with Dr. Fromuth and Sarah Stebbins, a Functional Nutritionist. Sarah actually did the research and found Dr. Fromuth for me. She selected Dr Fromuth since she is a naturopath that specializes in digestive issues. The two disciplines got me the level of support I needed to dramatically change my diet and add a number of natural tools to my toolbox to assist my digestion. I ultimately went through a full medical work up while working with both of them and I felt supported through the otherwise overwhelmingly daunting process. Dr. Fromuth clearly explained what she saw on the exams and recommended which tests to do next. I did the longest package she offers and was glad I did. I appreciated her prompt messaging in the app access that comes with signing up for a package.
A. Joy
A. Joy
Dr. Fromuth was knowledgeable about all of my concerns and knew exactly what I needed to feel better. She gave me amazing advice, vitamins, and medicine that helped me almost instantly. She has helped me manage my IBS-D and with my continued efforts from her recommendations I'm still reaping the benefits months later. If you're willing to put in the work, Dr. Fromuth is a passionate and wonderful guide for your journey.
Laila Niyati
Laila Niyati
We feel so fortunate to have been helped by Dr. Fromuth. Dr. Fromuth naturally healed my hypothyroidism. My PCP recommended I increase my thyroid dose, but my levels returned to baseline with dr. Fromuth’s recommendations. My husband has found out his body’s inflammatory response is heightened with dairy, something he has never known, which has resulted in him losing 20 pounds and feeling really good. Dr. Fromuth is knowledgeable, kind, and deeply interested in helping her patients heal. Our family highly recommends!!
Faith Walker
Faith Walker
I have worked with Dr. Fromuth for over a year and have seen remarkable results. My hormones are better balanced, sleep is improved, better energy and mood, and weight loss. Most importantly, I have an overall improved quality of life. Dr. Fromuth is compassionate and understanding. She will listen to you and work with you to create a plan to meet your unique needs. Her approach is holistic and includes nutrition, physical activity, lifestyle changes, supplements, and mindset awareness.
Adele Maxwell
Adele Maxwell
I came to Dr. Coleman because I was experiencing severe acid reflux for months that my GP was unable to find a cause for - traditional food avoidances and medications weren’t helping. Dr. Coleman helped me find the cause of this, and I am so much better now! She helped me with other ailments as well. She is very caring and genuinely wants to help her patients.
Olivia Feldman
Olivia Feldman
After years of band aid solutions with doctors for my PCOS I decided to try working with a naturopathic doctor. I worked with Dr. Coleman for about 8 months, during which time she helped me transition off of birth control and steadily regain control over my body and strength and energy. My periods are the most regular they’ve ever been (about every 6 weeks, before I skipped about a lot even when On various forms of birth control), and my blood results (I’ve concurrently checked in every few months with an endocrinologist) have surprised the doctor. Working with Dr Coleman has been incredible - the personalized holistic care has been incredible and thorough, and key to figuring out the things that trigger my particular PCOS symptoms. Dr Coleman is patient, kind and incredibly thorough - it has been incredible to trust a doctor this much and to know that at each session she looks through what I tell her to find things that we can try that would work for me. The improvements have been steady and have increased over time - and now that Im overseas doing fieldwork it’s been incredible to feel like I can trust my body again and that I know the particular tools to keep myself strong and healthy.
Teresa Koro
Teresa Koro
Dr. Coleman was the first naturopath I worked with, and I had a good experience overall! She is kind, calm, patient, and has a good sense of humor. She is an approachable doctor who takes the time to explain everything (which I always appreciate). I worked with her for four months and found improvement in many of the issues I came in with. My one critique would be to give a trigger warning on the comprehensive health history/background form new patients complete. I did find some questions to be triggering and would’ve appreciated a heads up. I would definitely recommend Dr. Coleman as a naturopath!
Lorraine Luna
Lorraine Luna
I have never had an experience working with a doctor who listened deeply and then asked questions before coming to a plan of action collaboratively. I have chronic health issues that are becoming more manageable with the help of Dr. Coleman. She is a healer in every sense of the word; body, mind and spirit. She has given me hope and has eased my GI issues and chronic sinusitis. I am grateful to her practice.
Larina T.F. Blacet
Larina T.F. Blacet
I should have seen a naturopath years ago! This has changed my life. Dr. Coleman is wonderful. She explains everything and is extremely thorough. I highly recommend her.

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