Our office is not accepting new patients. Food Intolerance Evaluations are available to all for purchase.
Our office is not accepting new patients.

Food Intolerance Evaluation

A traditional naturopathic evaluation for assessing food intolerances. The food intolerance evaluation assesses enzymes in blood to see if your body has all the enzymes needed to break down different food groups. If foods are eaten that the body lacks enzymes for, the food won’t break down completely, leading to inflammation.

Inflammation commonly is the culprit to many symptoms and can show up as gas, bloating, abdominal pain, loose stools/constipation, acne, arthritis, water weight and more.

A food intolerance evaluation kit can be purchased through our office for $299 and includes:

  • A blood spot collection kit mailed to your home with instructions and prepaid return label
  • Typically takes 2-3 weeks to receive results
  • Dr. Fromuth calls you to review results for 15 minutes, discussing substitutions you can make specific to your diet
  • A custom pdf guide to assist with implementing your food intolerance results