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What to Expect

Patient Approach

Anticipate a doctor’s visit like nothing you’ve experienced before. New patient appointments are long, about 75 minutes.

Why does it take so long? Because Dr. Fromuth listens, she wants to hear your story and determine why your symptoms started and what needs to be addressed to put your body back into balance.

She asks about sleep, energy levels, diet, exercise, stress, and health history to get a complete picture of your health. A review of symptoms is performed and then a personalized treatment plan is provided to start you on your four-month health journey with Dr. Fromuth.

Dr. Fromuth is known for her unique problem solving, customized recommendations, and for prescribing only what you truly need.

Become a Patient

Dr. Fromuth wants to be the best provider possible for your health and wellness needs. If you’re looking for a quick fix, this won’t be a good fit.

If you’re looking for a naturopathic doctor who will find the root cause of your health problems and support the body in healing itself, you’ve come to the right place.

Get started by scheduling a Discovery Call with Dr. Fromuth.